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Morphos are tropical butterflies usuallu colored in blue or green indescent metallic colours.
Morphos live mostly in South and Central America

Peleides Blue Morpho
The Peleides Blue Morpho
The Blue Banded Morpho

Morphos live mainly in rainforests of Cental and South America. Male morpho butterflies are highly territorial and
take carefully care that other male butterflies do not enter to their area. Their eyes are UV-sensitive, so they can
easily see each other from distance. Adult morpho butterflies like to drink juice from rotten fruits and tree sap.
Morpho butterflies can be found at least from following countries: Antilles, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Guetemala,
Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Venezuela

Taxonomy is complicated in morphid butterflies, at least following species are known and named: Morpho achilles,
Morpho achilleana, Morpho brisseis, Morpho corydon, Morpho confusa, Morpho coelestis, Morpho deidamia,
Morpho guaraunos, Morpho electra, Morpho granadensis, Morpho helenor, Morpho hermione, Morpho hyacinthus,
Morpho leontius Morpho lycanor, Morpho marinita, Morpho montezuma, Morpho micropthalmus,  Morpho neoptolemus,
Morpho papirius, Morpho patroclus, Morpho parallela, Morpho peleides, Morpho peleus, Morpho pseudogamedes, Morpho rugitaeniata, Morpho taboga, Morpho tobagensis, Morpho trojana, Morpho vitrea